Thursday, July 2, 2015



Shri R. C. Sharma joined the department as Direct Recruit Inspector of Central Excise, in the very first Batch of Staff Selection Commission in 1978. 

He hails from a small village in Haryana and landed in Kalyan, and in the earlier stages stayed in a dormitory. In the late 70's & early 80's, there was a large gap in the respect given to senior officers and to the newly recruited officers. No lower officer dared to raise any issue before the senior officers.  

Shri R C Sharma, founded the Central Excise Inspectors' Association in the erstwhile Thane Collectorate, later known as Mumbai-III Commissionerate.  He became the voice of the masses. No office bearer, present or past, reached his ability/calibre to deliver results to the cadre.

Shri R C Sharma started publishing in-house journals, namely "Sentinel" for the Inspectors Association and "Insight" for the All India Federation, for the dissemination of information about the activities of the Association.    

He was instrumental in the introduction of the official raising day of Central Excise since 1994 and observing 24-Feb every year as Central Excise Day. The letter he wrote to Board for this has been as it is been transcribed in Board Circular for the celebration of Excise Day.

In the history of Central Excise, he has called for an agitation on Budget Day in 1996. The Board sent a messenger to his residence at Panvel to convey that the demands of the Association have been accepted and to withdraw the call for agitation. He earned the presidential commendation award in 1994.  

He was successful in getting 2500 posts upgraded from Inspector to Supdt. He was also the first to book the first case in DEEC/DEPB scheme and expose the scam, which resulted in the Government being forced to withdraw the said scheme.

In the 1993 Bomb Blast case, he visited entire Marine & Preventive formation and submitted a detailed report to the Finance Minister & CBEC as well as to the Mumbai Police and fought for the dignity, safety of the officers posted to Marine & Preventive wing.

He was instrumental in the acquisition of 76 staff quarters at CBD, Belapur, and setting up of an office at P&P jetty. He always fought for the cadre and its officers, sacrificing his personal comforts, family life and career.  For the senior officers, he was an eye-sore, but for the cadre, he was always a saviour. Many agencies were engaged by his detractors to fix him, so as to destroy the leadership of the Association, but he remained unfazed and came out unscathed.

His sense and style of representation was so methodical, effective & marvellous, that the Administration was always on the back foot. He brought dignity to the cadre and gave strength to raise the voice against injustice without compromising dignity & interests of Revenue. Wherever he was posted, he left his footprints and his presence was felt.

Shri R C Sharma retired on 31-May-2015 as Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai, after putting in around 37 years of service.

The entire fraternity will miss him and CESA, Mumbai, salutes the pioneer of Mumbai Association for his selfless services, support and the capacity to lead from the front.

In the recent mega-function held on 26-June-2014, Shri R C Sharma was felicitated along with other senior officers of the Department.

The farewell of Shri R C Sharma, which was attended by his colleagues, friends and office bearers of Associations across the country, a few photos are annexed. The farewell speech will be uploaded shortly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


     CESA, Mumbai, proud of its members and office bearers who made the function a grand success. The memorable function will remain in the heart and minds forever for those who have attended the function. The glimpses are as under for those who were unable to attend.



A negative campaign against GST introduction in India 

      MALAYSIA introduced GST with a 5% rate in April 2015. A survey conducted by revealed certain interesting facets.

- An alarming 90% of the respondents don't think they can cope with their daily expenses since the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST).

- The weight of GST has prompted significant changes in the daily routine of the survey respondents. More than half of them at 56%, said they have minimized having lunch with their colleagues, while 47% of them started packing food from home. Some have also resorted to other frugal activities, such as utilizing the pantries more frequently and carpooling to control their expenses.

- A number of respondents are exploring new ways of generating a better income in order to cope with the upsurge in prices. Some 35% of them are considering changing their jobs, while 33% of them are looking into other alternatives, such as part-time and freelance jobs.

- 41% of companies have encountered increasing demands in employee wages since the execution of GST; however, only 19% of the total number of employers has offered salary increments.

     In Canada, which has a Federal system, there is a GST, which applies to the whole of Canada. There is an HST in some provinces, which applies to the same goods and services as the GST, but at a different rate. And some provinces have a provincial sales tax or a retail sales tax in addition to GST. We are perhaps into the fourth dimension with a Central GST and a State GST - with total chaos assured.

(From DDT - Taxindiaonline dated 30-June-2015)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


     Glorious moments of the CESA, Mumbai, & IRS-POA, Mumbai & Pune, organised Felicitation Function, who were able to bring the stars of CBEC, New Delhi, "star" of Mumbai, and all the staff Associations together, for the cause of the Cadre. 

Monday, June 29, 2015


     CESA is thankful to all those who made the Felicitation Function on 26-June-2015 at Birla Matoshree Auditorium, a grand success. The mega function was memorable and touched the audience as well as the invitees namely, Ms. J M Shanti Sundharam, Ms. Neerja Shah, Shri. V. S. Krishnan, Shri. Yogendra K. Garg, and Ashwini Lau.

     The moto of the function was to acknowledge all the officers who were instrumental in getting the Cadre Restructuring proposal approved & implemented, despite all the hurdles placed in their path. 

     The other invitees who were unable to attend the Felicitation Function because of some exigencies, are namely, Shri A. K. Kaushal, Member(Customs), CBEC, Ms. Joy Kumari Chander, Retd. Member(P&V), CBEC, Ms. Arusha Vasudev, Retd. CC, CEx, Mumbai Zone-II, Shri S. A. Ansari, US(AD-II), CBEC and Shri Sushil Parekh, Ex-President, AICEGEO. 

     The text of all the speeches given by the dignitaries will be put up on the blog within the next few days.

       Few glimpses are shown below :-