Sunday, November 23, 2014


No: 11013/9/2014- Estt (A-III)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi, dated 21st November 2014.


Sub: Introduction of AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System

It has been decided to use an AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System (AEBAS) in all offices of the Central Government, including attached/ sub-ordinate Offices, in India. The system will be installed in the offices located in Delhi/ New Delhi by 31st December 2014. In other places this may be installed by 26th January 2015

2. The equipment will be procured by the Ministries/ Departments as per specifications of DeitY on DGS&D Rate Contract from authorized vendors. The expenditure will be met by the Ministries/ Departments concerned under their O.E. The manual system of attendance may be phased out accordingly.

3. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) will provide the technical guidance for installing the system. The equipment already procured by DeitY have a built in AMC of three years. The Ministries/ departments may ensure that the equipment being procured by them have similar provision.

4. Biometric attendance system is only an enabling platform. There is no change in the instructions relating to office hours, late attendance etc. which will continue to apply. As per extant instructions, (contained in DoPT O.M. No: 28034/8/75- Estt-A dated 04-07-1975; No:28034/10/75-Estt-A dated 27-08-1975; No: 28034/3/82 —Estt-A dated 05-03-1982) half—a-day’s Casual Leave should be debited for each day of late attendance, but late attendance upto an hour, on not more than two occasions in a month, and for justifiable reasons may be condoned by the competent authority. In addition to debiting Casual Leave (or Earned Leave, when no CL is available). Disciplinary action may also be taken against government servants who are habitually late. Early leaving is also to be treated in the same manner as late coming.

5. These orders come into force with immediate effect.
6. All Ministries/ Departments are requested to bring this to the notice of all concerned.

(J.A Vaidyanathan)  

Director (Establishment)

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Before Reorganization of the commissionerates, CESA requested to have an ADG, HRM office for Mumbai so that all the infrastructure related work can be processed smoothly and expeditiously as the Bombay is having acute shortage of  office Space as well as staff quarters. Board has ignored the request reason is best known to them as they do not want to de-centralize their authority, however CESA continues to strive for better infrastructure. Latest communication is as under:
Shri V. S. Krishnan
The Hon’ble Chief Commissioner,
Central Excise Zone I & Service Tax zone,
Respected Sir,

            Sub:   Request for creation of infrastructure cell for the new Service Tax
                        Commissionerates and Audit Commissionerates – Reg.

            Consequent upon the implementation of the CR and reorganization of the Commissionerates of the zones in Mumbai, Trade notice was issued by the respective CC’s of Zone I and Zone II.  Accordingly new Commissionerates have been formed, i.e the two Service Tax Commissionerates have been split into 7 Service Tax Commissionerates and 3 ST-Audit Commissionerates.  Service Tax I and II Commissionerates are functioning on as and where is basis, without acquiring or occupying any new premises.  Transfer orders posting the officers to the newly formed ST Commissionerates have been issued.  The officers who have joined their new postings do not even have any place to sit.   
The space position in LTU, Mumbai, is also alarming and it has been aggravated further with the formation of new Mumbai LTU-Audit Commissionerate, which needs immediate attention for smooth Administration. 
            As per the requirement, excluding the present occupied space, we further require around 4.0 lakhs sq. ft approximately. We appreciate your constant monitoring and follow-up with the Board, due to which the proposal for acquiring Lotus building was sanctioned.  Even after considering the space which we will acquire through Lotus building, we still fall short of about 3.65 lakh sq. ft of space.
            Sir, the work-load of Service Tax is already beyond manageable levels and both the Commissioners, Shri. Sushil Solankhiji and Shri R. Sekharji, are somehow managing the show by putting in more hours over & above the office hours, even on weekly holidays and it would be unfair to expect them to spare any more time for additional infrastructure issues. Therefore, for the convenience of the staff, trade and administration, it is requested to form an Infrastructure Committee for identifying, processing & follow-up of infrastructure issues exclusively to cater to the requirement of present infrastructure requirements.

            The proposal to acquire the premises at AIR INDIA building for Service Tax and MTNL building at Borivali & Thane for Central Excise, Ist floor at ABHA building at Kalyan for Central Excise are still under process.  If all the proposals are centralized and monitored, then it will be easy to pass through all the formalities/checklist prescribed by the DGHRD and it will be easier to acquire them for our requirements. 
Sir, it will be worth mentioning, that after reorganization of the Commissionerates, we are striving to acquire new office premises, for their smooth functioning.  It is also true that we are one step behind, in looking for office premises.  We are several steps behind, in looking for accommodation for the officers i.e. staff quarters/transit accommodation.  In Mumbai, newly joined officers of any cadre, cannot afford to acquire rental premises, leave alone purchase/have their own house.  Thus they are solely dependent on Government quarters or rental premises.  The rent for residence, in Mumbai, is so high that they are forced to go to far off suburbs, which increases their commute time apart from causing inconvenience, which will compel them to leave this department for other departments/for inter Commissionerate transfers to their native place under some pretext or other.
            The speed of growth of Service Tax is beyond manageable limits and we cannot wait for the completion of the Suleiman Estate project at Wadala.  The construction at Suleiman Estate has not yet started and its completion is not visible in the near likely future. Hence the consolation or advice to accommodate in the said project, is a distant dream; moreover Service Tax and Central Excise are jurisdiction based and not like Customs which is port or place based.           
            Mumbai Zone II, Pune Zone and DGCEI have issued advertisements for office premises, for their infrastructure requirements.  Similarly, an advertisement can be placed in the magazines for our seven new Service Tax commissionerates, three Service Tax Audit Commissionerates & two Service Tax Commissioner (Appeals).  Unless work is specifically assigned to some officers and they made responsible, there will not be any improvement on the infrastructure front, & we will unfortunately end in blaming each other and the end result is that the Service Tax Commissionerates will remain in the same pathetic state of affairs.
            CESA expects the above suggestions be considered judiciously and acted upon expeditiously and will create a committee/cell exclusively for infrastructure. This request is in consonance with the instructions of the Director General of DGHRD, made under letter F No.: D.O.No.924/16/Hiring/Cadre Restructuring/HRD/2013 dated 1st Oct. 2014. CESA will extend its fullest co-operation and render all sort of assistance in this regard. 
            Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

A.K. Sasmal
General Secretary
Copy to:
1.   Commissioner, Central Excise, Mumbai I, Thane I, Thane II, Mumbai IV, for kind information.
2.   Commissioner, Service Tax I/II/III/IV/V/VI/VII, for kind information.
3.   Commissioner, LTU, Mumbai, for kind information. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


          All are aware the then Chairperson M. S. Shanti Sundharam before laying her office down, issued the posting order on 31st October 2014.  All the units appreciated the Chairperson and others and our Chief office bearers of AIACEGEO for their sustained efforts, for rolling out the CR.
          The delegates who had gathered at Daman to check out the future course of action of AIACEGEO, were delighted and are in euphoric state because from ALMOST each unit either their secretary or president OR SOME EX OFFICE BEARERS got promotion. 
             First day in Daman passed with Secretary General’s report and in the evening, Election was declared. The spirit of each delegate was so euphoric, that no one bothered to ascertain the status of the various pressing pending issues for which the AIACEGEO had strived for. Little time was spared on these issues for our cadre and more concern was shown to build up a platform for promotee officers in the IRS cadre. Next day election was held and new body was formed. It is an irony to mention that most of the units where the office bearers not elected, adopt backdoor entry by way of nomination. Those who become the leader through election are accountable to their local unit members.  Those who came via nomination are accountable only to their nominees and not to their GENERAL members. If the local office bearer takes any benefit for personal motives, then definitely become loyal by keeping mum in the meeting or showing no interest about the issues.  Some raise their voice in the backdrop but when the time comes they shower with praises and avoid discussing the core issue, whether we failed, passed or need any improvement to change our course of action. We cannot blame the Chief Office bearers of AIACEGEO, because they are from also among us unless all the units of AIACEGEO do not have the direct local election, the pulse of the Cadre cannot be felt and will continue to be ignored.  There are units who hold meetings before coming to any All India meeting and after returning, they convey the outcome to their members.  If all the units becomes vibrant and active, definitely it will give a helping hand to the All India office bearers to make a strong and proper representation.  
        Recent developments are as under:       
Ø  Petition on regional disparity, has been admitted on 13.11.2014, in the Bombay CAT and the final hearing is fixed in the second week of the February, 2015.
Ø  Petition is ready as per the N R Parmar Judgment to give effect and to fix the seniority as per the requisition of the vacancy as per the OM of 1959/1986.
Ø  CESA salutes the confederation of CBDT who were able to give the benefit of the N R Parmar judgment effect to the ministerial cadre, vide letter dated 07.11.2014.
Ø  Another promotion order from Superintendent to AC around 50-60 officers is expected shortly as in the last order there are some duplication, already left service / retired and missing of eligible officers
Ø  Promotion Order of other Group A cadre will be delayed further.
Ø  Till the issuance of the regular Commissioner order, the position of the newly created Commissionerate will remain as it is and uncertainty will prevail.
Ø  CBDT have smoothly implemented the CR and they had issued promotion orders in situ and are now working on infra structure and from 2015 March they will start working in full swing as per CR with new formation.  No inconvenience is caused to tax payers or staff.  But in CBEC........
Ø  Few of the Cadre Controlling Authorities of CBEC have issued promotional orders on cascading effect the promotion of officers from Group B to Group A, to maintain uniformity and proper seniority, CESA, Mumbai has already requested to issue a OM for fixing a date, on All India basis.  Accordingly CC, Mumbai Zone I, has also made a similar request to the Board, in order to protect the seniority of the officers in this zone.
Ø  Today we have received the final approval of the Lotus Building from the Board, for Service Tax Commissionerates as well as the CC, Service Tax, Mumbai.
Ø  All the newly promoted Assistant Commissioner joined in Service Tax Commissionerates/Central Excise Commissionerates. Their posting orders were issued except Thane-I Commissionerate? We leave it to your BEST Judgment!

Govt Ordered To Consider Retiring Employees For Promotions

New Delhi: The government employees must be considered for promotions in case meetings of the Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) are held after their retirement, the Centre has said.
DoPT Secretary Sanjay Kothari, who directed to issue the order for retiring employees’ promotions.
It would not be in order if eligible employees, who were within the zone of consideration for the relevant year but are not actually in service when the DPC is being held, are not considered while preparing year-wise zone of consideration or panel and, consequently, their juniors are considered (in their places), who would not have been in the zone of consideration if the DPC had been held in time, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said in an order.
             Can we impress upon to the authority to designate our retired superintendents who were eligible at relevant period as Assistant Commissioner.
             Definitely, if we succeed it will give great solace to our retired officers.
CESA, Mumbai

“Appointment Committee of Cabinet has observed that DPCs often do not consider such eligible officers who are retiring before the occurrence of the vacancy in the panel year,” it said adding that this “undesirable trend negate the very purpose” of government’s existing instructions for inclusion of such employees.
The DoPT has asked all central government ministries and departments under it to ensure “strict compliance” of its instructions to include retiring employees for promotions in case the DPCs are delayed.

Such retired officials would, however, have no right for actual promotion. The DPC may, if need be, prepare extended panel, the DoPT said.

Bureaucrats asked not to act on oral orders from ministers

An advisory issued at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office asks bureaucrats not to act on oral orders from anyone, including ministers.
NEW DELHI: Ministers or their personal staff may no longer be able to get any work done by merely passing an 'oral' order as government officials have been advised not to go ahead with any decision unless written orders are issued by their immediate superiors.
The advisory, issued as part of an office memorandum at the behest of Prime Minister's Office (PMO) last week, will be applicable to staff across ministries where a junior official will carry out oral order of his/her senior only after getting written confirmation. Written confirmation of any oral order will be a must, irrespective of whether such instructions are in accordance with the rules or not.
In recent years, ministers have often been reluctant to record their observations and have instead instructed officials verbally. While some officers insist that orders be spelt out on file, in several cases, including some crucial ones, babus have gone ahead and complied with the ministers' wishes. By issue the latest missive, the PMO has also put ministers on alert. The instructions from the PMO are the latest in a series of advisories and orders on toning up the government and improving the overall decision-making process.
"If any officer receives oral instructions from the minister or from his personal staff and the orders are in accordance with the norms, rules, regulations or procedures,they should be brought to the notice of the secretary (or the head of department where the officer concerned is working in)", said the manual, referred to by the office memorandum (OM).
In case the orders are "not in accordance with the norms, rules, regulations or procedures", an official should approach the secretary "stating clearly that the oral instructions are not in accordance with the rules". 

Though the government manual talks about certain exceptions during emergency/urgency or when a minister is on tour or sick, it still insists that the officer should obtain the order in writing from the minister's private secretary and get it confirmed when the minister returns.
The manual said, "In rare and urgent cases when the minister is on tour or is sick and his approval has to be taken on telephone, the decision of the minister shall be conveyed by his private secretary in writing. In such case, confirmation will be obtained on file when the minister returns to headquarters or rejoins."
Besides spelling out such dos and don'ts for babus on oral order, the ministry of personnel through the OM also instructed all ministries to conduct a regular weekly training programme for junior officials.
Noting that the present training structures were largely meant for senior civil servants as part of their "induction training" and "mandatory mid-career training", the OM, issued on October 17, said, "Perhaps, there is no training being imparted at ministry/department level covering all its Group B and C employees on same subject."
It noted that such training is also important for officials, ranging from UDC to under secretary, in this "era of rapid transformation and heightened expectation of prompt and effective public service delivery".
"The effectiveness with which the new policies are implemented will largely be dependent on the quality of civil service administration and the ability of its members to operate effectively in the changed environment. This requires a continuous focus on training of employees," said the OM.
Accordingly, the ministry of personnel advised all central departments to hold "an hour in-house weekly training" for all employees on a regular basis without dislocating their work.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

“अधीक्षक की व्यथा”

CESA felicitated all the newly promoted Assistant Commissioners of Mumbai Zone on 8/11/2014. During the felicitation, one of the officer who is a Presidential Award Winner, narrated the poem composed by him. The poem is as under:

मंत्रालय और मुनिसिपालटीवाले,

अधीक्षक का मतलबहेडक्लार्क” समझते है

घरवाले इसे,
निरीक्षक से नीचेवाला मानते है
वाईफ(Wife) बोलती है,-
आपका निरीक्षक का जमाना कुछ और था
दिल्ली को भीइन्सपेक्टर राजबोलना पडा था
आपकी बॉडीलैंग्वेज (“Body Language”) और बातो में भी दम था
आपकी पहचान करवाते समय भी
हमे गर्व महसुस होता था
अब तो ऐसे लगते हो-
अब तो ऐसे लगते हो-
कि, सारी दुनिया का बोझ सर पर
लेकर घूम रहे हो
बी.पी.,Angioplasty और डायबेटीक को साथ लेकर,
रिटायरमेंट के बचे कुचे दिन काउंट करते रहते हो
आफिस के लिए घर से ढकेलने में तो हम कामयाब होते है

लेकिन जब शाम को आफिस से लौटते हो  
तब लगते हो-  
जैसे किसीको पहॅुंचाकर रहे हो
मैं इनको क्या बताउंमेरा दर्द क्या है ये तो मेरी घरवाली ही है
जिन्होंने मुझे चार चार प्रमोशन दिये
पतिपिता,ससुर और नाना भी बना दिया
पर आफिस में- ना मेरी कुर्सी बदली ना मेरा काम
३५ साल गुजर गये-
अब तो कुर्सी भी नसीब नही होती
ख़डे-ख़डे काम करकेवक्त निकाल रहा हॅू
मै इनको क्या बताउं  मेरा दर्द क्या है
रिटायरमेंट के दिन तक एक भी मेमो नहीं मिला
इसीको प्रमोशन मानकर,अपनी पीठ थपथपा रहा हॅू
मै इनको क्या बताउंमेरा दर्द क्या है
राजस्व पद तालिका के
समस्त अधिकारी,कर्मचारी,
और छोटेबड़े करदाता
एक ही तो व्यक्ति के पास’ आकर रुकते है
जब चाहेजैसे चाहे,अपना काम करवाते है
बस इसी को अधीक्षक कहते है  

- अविनाश रेडेकर