Sunday, August 13, 2017


Shri Ajoy Kumar, Superintendent, was presently posted in Audit –III Mumbai at the Lotus Building, Parel. Two months back, he was repatriated from Goa and was staying at Oshiwara Govt. Quarters. Due to continuous fever he was admitted in Sujoy Hospital on 4th August and was detected to be suffering from Dengue. When he was admitted his platelet count was 85000, which further reduced to 11000. Medication was started and it improved to 21000.  On Wednesday, his Blood Pressure became so low, then he was shifted to the ICU with ventilator support. Thereafter he suffered from internal bleeding and he left us forever on Thursday around 10 AM. He is survived by his wife and daughter.

He was the only bread earner for his entire family who hails from Bhagalpur, Bihar. His aged parents are with him and are dependent on him. He was having three sisters. His elder sister and her children are also dependent upon him. His father’s younger brother, (who recently expired) his family is also dependent on him. His only daughter, Pratyaksha, is studying in the 12th standard and spouse is a housewife.

Earlier he was posted in LTU as well as Mumbai-I and other places. Wherever he has worked, he was appreciated by his colleagues and superiors. He was under a lot of stress due to his financial condition as well as responsibilities from all sides and the new tax regime...

In Oshiwara, we are having two residential buildings as quarters, with around 60 flats, and as expected, these are poorly maintained by the Department. On Friday, all the lady officers who are residing there, took out a morcha to BMC  office and lodged their protest. The surroundings of the building are mosquito infested and several individuals are suspected to have contracted Dengue. BMC staff have visited the site and taken samples.
Cremation was held on Friday. No senior officers of the Department paid any visit to the family, who are facing both financial & emotional crisis. 
CESA, Mumbai prays to the Almighty, to let the departed soul Rest in Peace and give courage to the family members to face the trying circumstances. CESA, Mumbai extends all its support to the family members in all aspects.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Delegation of CESA Mumbai met chief Commissioner CGST Mumbai Zone and submitted series of representation and apprised various pressing issues for immediate redressal. The response of the Chief Commissioner and other senior officers are positive. The communication made with the authority are as under.
Letter No. 1

Ref: CESA/01/2017
Mumbai, the July 25th  2017

The Principal Chief Commissioner,
CGST & Central Excise Mumbai Zone,

Respected Sir,
Sub: Request for redressal of the problems faced by staff posted in CPC section at  church gate office –reg.

Kind attention is invited to the above mentioned subject and establishment order No.47/2017 dated 05.07.2017  under which your good office has posted  38 officers of Mumbai Zone in Centralized Processing Cell (CPC) for on line registrations at Churchgate office.
            It is reported by the officers that out of these 38 officers only 26 are having desk top PC for them and remaining 12 officers do not have any access to computer, as there is no space for themselves as well as desk top to render their services.  Officers are accommodated at ground floor and at third floor of the building. They have shift duty arrangement i.e. from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. and from 2 P.M. to 8 P.M. and a general shift from 9.30 A.M. to 6 P.M. At their place of posting, they do not have any mobile phone or Sim card or any wi-fi facility. The officers use their own mobile for generating OTP at their own expense. The officers posted in CPC are staying at far off places, while attending the first shift; they have to leave their home around 6 A.M. without taking Tea, coffee, snacks etc. In the office nothing is available when they reach office to start with first sift work and no arrangement made by the Administration to even provide the basic facility to them.
Even the Air-conditioning system is also not operative during 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. and from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. onwards and the officers are coerced to work without air conditioners, this is because the officers of CPWD are not available and the operation of Air Conditioning System is under their control. No MTS or any Sepoy / Hawaldhar are attached to them to fetch even a glass of water; they have to run from one floor to another for that.  Thus it appears that in CBEC regime earlier these officers were starving for promotion and other amenities but after roll out of GST they have to work even worst and inhumane working condition and starve even for fresh air and drinking water and tea coffee and cough up money on mobile expenses to make successful the GST. It seems that illumination done on 1st of July was artificial and there is no light under GST for these officers who are working round the clock.
It is requested that the officers are not like dead stock mechanical machine, (even machine also needs proper maintenance) they are human being needs human touch and needs basic amenities and facilities to perform the duty. We should not forget them after posting.
It therefore requested to kindly ensure and provide sim card and wi-fi facility as well as post some MTS for their requirement. Basic refreshment including Tea and Coffee arrangement may be made. CPWD authorities be informed to make arrangements for running the AC System during the morning and evening when the CPC shift starts and till the shift ends in the evening. The Bombay unit, who had the maximum registrations till date, also needs robust infrastructure to perform.
Further, the on line connectivity (a major complain even from the trade during ACES as well as now also) related problems faced by the staff i.e. slow server up to 1 P.M. and query raised to the applicant are not forwarded as well as reply of the applicant are not received and coming as blank are reported in the Whatsapp group created by DG System. It is requested each officers may be given daily sheet so that the problems faced by the staff can be recorded and improvement can be devised. It should not be remained in Whatsapp group as we are running a system not Whatsapp group to amuse the trade and project rosy picture to trade and public.
We hope that immediate steps be taken to mitigate these issues as the success of GST depends on this also and not merely opening SEWA KENDRA OR NOMINATING NODAL OFFICERS and CPC without any facility. 
                                                                                                         Yours sincerely                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (RAVINDRA KENY)

Letter 2

Ref: CESA/02/2017
Mumbai, the July 25th  2017

The Principal Chief Commissioner,
CGST & Central Excise Mumbai Zone,

Respected Sir,
Sub: - Neglected post GST roll out issues in newly created GST Commissionerates – reg.
                        This is to bring to kind notice that chaotic condition are prevailing in entire GST formation at Mumbai. Orders of all the cadres have been issued but not implemented in Toto. There are officers who are not been relived in one or the other pretext and kept in the Old formations. The officers those have been relived and joined in the new formations, they are not assigned any work to them except insisting Bio- metric presence. Up to the Commissioner and Additional commissioner there are no problems, but from the Assistant Commissioner, Superintendent Inspector, ministerial staff etc. do not have space for themselves and it is left to them to manage their space of their own. In some offices officers who joined earlier they fixed there pattas and occupied space where ever they like whereas others are not. Instances came to notice where very senior officers even quarrelling for cabins of their choices.
            To sum up the situation, it is just like panic happens after disaster all are standing / gathering watching each other’s for helping hand. Except Raigad Commissionerate all the Commissioner and Additional Commissioner are new to their new formations busy for settling themselves and have little concern for their subordinate staff and over and above they want everything to be done  with rocket speed so that they can please their higher-ups, they openly say don’t come to me with problems.  In some offices whatsapp groups been made and directions floats round the clock and officers are forced to give their personnel mobile numbers. How for this is justified by the administration which could not even provide the basic amenities to the staff and expect their person gadgets for office use.  The fate of the Executive Commissionerate and Audit Commissionerate are one and the same.
            No one knows from where the salary of staff will be drawn who have not joined and what technical problem will arise who are just directed to join at new place without any release order and perform to work in old formations till date which on papers does not exists, no one knows where the old references of erstwhile Commissionerates will be dealt with and who will do that.
CESA Mumbai request your good selves to kindly take a round of each formations and have first hand information so that it can be realised how the staff of the Mumbai are placed to greet the New GST tax regime (at least as a facilitation to the trade) can be ascertained. No books, No computers, No proper place forget about other facility. All this increase the Stress level further due to acute stagnation as well as MACP anomalies.  Staff is deprived of social status as well as loss in monetary benefit till their death as a cumulative punishment. The present situations aggravate and work as catalyst to de- motivates them even in GST regime also.
Sir, please look into it and convey the feelings of staff to the Ministry.

                                                                                                                  Yours sincerely
                                                                             ( RAVINDRA KENY)
 Letter No.3
Ref: CESA/03/2017
 Mumbai, the July 25th  2017
The Principal Chief Commissioner,
CGST & Central Excise Mumbai Zone,
Respected Sir,
                        Sub: - Consideration of representation of officers on postings in GST formations – reg.
Sir, initially the formation of new GST offices along with office places was declared and the list was circulated in field formations and staffs were asked to give their options for postings. (Kindly refer your office letter dated 16.05.2017, Circulated in the field formations asking option for their placement / posting in the new GST formations). Accordingly the officers of Mumbai have given their 3 preference choice which is nearer to their place of postings.
But after the circulations of the above letter and collecting the options the offices of Thane, Bhiwandi, Thane rural and Palghar Commissionerates has been modified as the Commissioners posted in these formations have expressed their reservations and not willing to  move from city to suburb. For their convenience the HQRS of executive and Audit / Appeals are being changed, which put the lower cadre officers to great inconvenience  and they are feeling deceived as the options given for the above four formations have no meanings and not just for the convenience of one person the entire organization and even trade convenience is sacrificed.
In the mass reshuffle the officers those who have opted the above four formations feels deceived and dejected.

Further there are several officers having severe medical problems due to which the same administration has given them relief by posting near to their residence even with non-sensitive postings also but now they are facing the same problems. Similarly there are officers who are due for superannuation both are skipped and needs a humane touch.

CESA Mumbai therefore, requests your good selves that the representations received by the administration have to be considered and suggest that:
1.         The officers from Western and Central, (farthest end) be posted in Raigad, Belapur, Navi Mumbai be modified.
2.         The officers of Central and Harbour, (farthest end) posted in Palghar, be modified
3.         The officers those who are due for superannuation up to Dec 2018 be considered as per their request.
4          The officers on medical as well as compassionate grounds are also being considered.
5.         Posting of lady officers in palghar is avoided unless the officer is willing or they are residing in near vicinity of these places.

 We hope the resentment amongst the staff will be redressed while issuing the modification orders timely.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely


Ref: CESA/04/2017
Mumbai, the July 25th  2017

                                                      Letter No.4
The Principal Chief Commissioner,
CGST & Central Excise Mumbai Zone,

Respected Sir,
Sub: - Centralized system of issuing new ID Cards to staff in GST formation – reg.
            Greetings from CESA Mumbai. Sir, we have just entered the GST regime wherein all formations under GST is one for entire Mumbai with one Cadre Controlling Authority and Principal Chief Commissioner Office having control over all the formations in Mumbai.
            Considering this, CESA Mumbai is of the view and suggests that we may start issuing new ID cards, to all the staff, on Centralized basis since this will be economical and also effective to maintain proper control as even after transfer or rotation in any of the formation under GST there will no need to change the ID Card. Apart from this the system will enable the Chief Commissioner’s office to have the details of all its employees also. It is also ascertained that in Customs Mumbai similar system is operative and the Commissioner of Customs (General) office is issuing the ID Cards to Custom Officers in Mumbai.
            In view of the above you are requested to kindly look into the matter and issue suitable instructions in this regard at the earliest to avoid futile exercise in all the formation by every formation and also to prevent recurring expenditure.

  Yours sincerely
                                                             PRESIDENT/ GENERAL SECRETARY
                                                            CESA MUMBAI

New office Bearers of CESA Mumbai.

The Election of CESA Mumbai was held on 23.06.2017 and its first managing committee meeting was held on 18.07.2017. The new office bearers of CESA Mumbai and thier name with mobile No. are as under.

Central Excise
Superintendents’ Association, Mumbai

( Recognized under F. No. B-12017/10/2012-Ad-IV A dtd. 25-02-2013 ).

A.P. Venkatesh –President  Ravi Malik, Secretary General, AIACEGEO
Ravi V. Keny– President, Anand N.  Kollengode, General Secretary, CESA

           All Central Excise Commissionerates CGST, Mumbai Zone & Customs Prev,, M & P Wing Mumbai
  Office Address:- R. No. 110, GST Bhawan, 115, M. K. Road, Opposite Churchgate Station, Mumbai – 400 020


Sr. No.
Office Address :
Mobile No.
Mr.. Ravi V. Keny
1st  floor, GST Bhavan, M.K. Road, Churchgate 
Mr. Arun V. Subhedar
Vice President
R.T.I. NACEN, Bhandup
Mr. Anand N. Kollengode
General Secretary
1ST Floor, C.G.O. Complex, Belapur.
Mr. Manoj Raman
3rd floor, B.K.C. Mumbai MTNL Building, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Joint Secretary

Sr. No
Mobile No.
Shri. Sanjeev Sahai
Ms. Bharti Bakhtiani
Shri. P.A. Pednekar

Committee  Members

Sr. No.
Mobile No.
Shri. Sanjeev Sahai
Shri. Ganesh B. Jadav
Ms. Manisha Gore
Ms. Bharti M. Bakhtiani
Shri. N.V. Anchekar
Ms. Gurjinder Kaur
Ms. Meena Murbadkar
Mr. L.K. Sharma
Mr. G.D. Hire
Mr. S.M. Thosar
Mr. S.D. Salve
Mr. Gopinath Nair
Mr. V. Sunilkumar
Mr. Javed A. Shaikh
Mr. Jalal H. Shaikh
Mr. P.S. Dhami
Mr. M.N. Kodape
Mr. S.D. Kulkarni
Mr. N.B. Pajankar
Mr. Atul M. Parte
Mr. N.N. Rao
Mr. P.A. Pednekar
Mr. R.N. Bhoir
Mr. Wesley Joseph
Mr. B.R. Saini
Mr. B.R. Parida
Mr. O.M. Shivadikar
Mr. S.S. Asawale
Mr. Paul Varghese




Mr. S.M. Bagal, Advisor                                       9819760736

Mr. M.K. Mishra, Advisor                                      9819709926

Mr. A.K. Sasmal, Advisor                                      9820950885

Mr. U.V. Brahmakshatri, Legal Advisor                   9987031621

Place ; Mumbai                                                  (RAVINDRA KENY)

Date : 18.07.2017                                          PRESIDENT / GENERAL SECRETARY
                                                                                            CESA MUMBAI 

Enclosed :- As above.

Copy to :- 1) Hon’ble Member (P & V), CBEC, North Block, New Delhi for kind information.

2) Ms. Annanya Ray Hon’ble Member Customs CBEC in-charge, Mumbai-Zone, for  kind information.

3) Commissioner of alll Central Excise Commissionerates CGST, Mumbai Zone & Customs Prev/  M & P Wing Mumbai, for kind information..

 4)  Shri Ravi Malik, Secretary General, AIACEGEO, New Delhi, , for kind information..

                    5)  For Circulation.